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3 Reasons: Investing in 1 oz Gold Bullion Buffalo Coins 
At this time in history investing in 1 oz gold bullion, such as the American buffalo coins, is like a close baseball game in the ninth inning with the bases loaded. This game of the gold market makes me laugh, cry, rejoice, and sweat silver bullets at times. That was a joke. It is wise to have a balanced investment approach.

Now, the first rule of investing in general is to invest in assets which you believe to have profits hidden away in them.

Then by giving the assets sometime, the profits will be revealed either slowly or quickly, if of course they be a sound investment. So what about gold?

Writer Author Pat Silver
Is it a sound investment? I think it very well could be moving up as we move forward and here is why I think that. 

Reason 1 - Gold bullion is a rare metal on this planet called earth and there is only so much to go around. If the moon was full of gold, I think that man would be there mining it like a wild man and bringing it back here to sell, if it was cost-effective. 

Reason 2 - Most everyone on earth knows that gold bullion has value, if that be the American buffalo coins or the monster wedding ring on your finger. This means that there is a demand for gold, even if that demand becomes lower as the price rises and less people can afford it. Now mind you, very few people of today know how much the value of gold has gone up over the last few years. This is where the possibility of a future profit lies, in the simple fact that more people could desire gold. Someday, it could be that gold may be needed as a medium for money, even if that be temporarily, say for a few years. History tells us it has happened before, time and again like a sock rolling in the dryer.

Reason 3 - Very interestingly, this is where gold bullion is much like a baseball game in the ninth inning and the bases are loaded. Gold over the last few years has being making base hits and doubles which has loaded the bases, but has not really made big homeruns, in my mind. In no way has gold struck out yet, but in fact is just hitting a lot of foul balls in the game along the way. And someday, I believe it just might be a big homerun where the game is busted wide-open and betting on the gold team vs. the paper money team will be the smartest move in our generation. So when will a homerun come? I don’t know, maybe there will be only foul balls in my lifetime. I just think it will happen someday here in the western-world, like it has happened in many countries before. 

Printing too much paper money or having too much debt adds up to money-trouble down the road, anyway you shake it. Those who have invested in coins like the 1 oz gold bullion buffalo coin, may just be the smartest of us all. Understand this is a reading article only and not investment advice. You should talk to an investment adviser for a well-rounded and balanced investment approach.    

"Gold bullion Bullalo coins outstanding investment of now and the past"

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