A gold bullion coin like a Canadian maple leaf 1 oz piece, coins are also a very liquid investment. Gold bullion has been the standard of wealth for most of human history.

Gold can be bought in several different forms, such as a maple leaf coin and bullion bars, jewelry, or gold nuggets.  If you like you could have holding in there stock, in mining companies, but these all differ in liquidity and stability. With fiscal gold bullion production flat or falling world-wide, its value is steadily increasing. The threat of inflation, breathing down are necks of late is like a dog with bad breath, combined with flat supply and rising demand, makes a gold bullion like a maple leaf coin a very attractive investment. 

While there are other ways to invest, a little research into historical trends shows that gold bullion coins and bars are some of the best investments you can make.

When you buy stock in a mining operation, you don't exactly buy gold itself. While a maple leaf  gold coin is a very good investment choice, gold stocks carry more risk, just like regular stocks. Stocks are a gamble. You never know with any kind of certainty that any particular company will produce. But gold bullion coins and bars are excellent, stabile investments that don’t carry the same type of risks as stocks.

There are other considerations when deciding whether to invest in canadian maple leaf 50 dollar gold coins or gold bullion bars. If you live in an area that doesn’t have much demand for bullion, it can be a little harder to sell your gold bars direct quickly. Buying gold coins online and also selling bullion maple leaf or bars online has not been easier to find buyers and sellers in one place.

Most government mints bullion gold coins bear a government imprint with a guarantee of purity and weight, while most bullion bars have a lot number on the bar  to proof of purity and weight .

Be aware of coated bars of worthless metal in gold. Some try to pass it off as a real a gold bar. It is a good idea to have your gold certified in order to make it easier to sell to a wary dealer. My advice is stick with the trusted mints, you can take it a step more with a home gold test kit, is not a bad idea.

"One 50 dollar Gold Coin oz,  ten oz's of silver and dash of land"

"Who hates Gold? I will take it off their hands."

50 Dollar Gold Coin
Gold is one of earths rare commodity metals, and its value has never been zero.

One of the best 50 dollar Gold Coin Canada's bullion maple leaf coins.

This is one of the most popular bullion pieces and most safe tangible investments, and it gets more popular every year as a safe haven against inflation and monetary instability.
Canadian USA The Best 50 Dollar Gold Coin Maple Leaf 1 Oz Bullion Bar
JM Gold Bar

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Chocolate Gold Coins
50 dollar face value gold maple leaf coins are a remarkably reliable investment and it is easy to get a guarantee. Gold bullion dollar coins and bars are a wise choice if you plan to buy or sell it quickly. Buying is easy, and you have a world-wide market to sell to.

In an era of inflationary monetary policies, economic uncertainty, and constantly shifting balances of power around the world, gold bullion coins and bars are some of the best investments you can make for your peace of mind.

Keep these guidelines in mind, and you’ll avoid the most common mistakes made by new investors. The one oz 50 dollar gold coin maple leaf coin could be a gold start in your gold stock pile.