" Having just a little Gold and Silver could go  a long ways in the days to come, because history will repeat it's self."

"I have not lost my Gold and Silver...but most of the world has lost even their marbles!"

I will deliver to Saskatoon, but the cost will be higher for that service and convinence. The nice part is that you get the silver or gold bullion coins in your hand and that takes all the risk out of the shipping by post. Payment Methetheds are as followed.

  • Paypal
  • Bank wire transer 
  • Cash, on my delivery or pickup at the pre determede locaion within my delivery sercivse area.  (please don't mail cash for your sake)
  • Sorry no checks or money orders, silver and gold are high value, high cost idems and there is the risk of fraud. 

For mail order I work hard to get mail orders out next business day. We ship out to all provinces of Canada and to all states in the U.S.A.

Custems and or dode and buyers reconacblelaty

We are active buyers and selling of silver coin and gold bullion coins and bars we also buy pre 1968 silver coins, dimes,  quarts, half dollers and silver dollers coins. We give vary fare prices that will vary acordinly to the spot price of silver.  Also US pre 1964 silver coins. If its silver or gold in coins or bar form, we will be intersted. You can call for a quot. If all goes will we will get you some cash in you hand.

Feel free to call for a quot or for more informaion. I look forward to your business in the Melfort, Prince Albert area and online.

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Blue Heeler
Blue Heeler

Prince Albert, SK
Saskatchewan Gold oz & Silver Coins Shop Online Bullion Bar
This website is my Saskatchewan gold and silver bullion and coin shop.

I am pleased to serve bullion coins and bars to the areas of in Saskatchewan Canada Prince Albert, Melfort, Tisdale, Birch Hills, Kinistino or about 100km from my home town of Kinstino at this time.

I am more than willing to deliver upon request.

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