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"One full troy ounce of pure maple leaf canadian silver coin 2010"

2010 Canada Silver Coin 1 Oz

The design on the maple leaf coin is only skin deep though. The .9999  % silver or gold purity of the metal and the sound weight of the coin is what makes bullion coins out-shine the other coins, in my mind.

Like it is said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But I do have to say that when you own and hold one of these 2010 maple leaf collectable coin babies in your hand, it is like a thousand pictures and ten thousand words put together. Every time I hold a tube of bullion coins in my hand, it is hard for me not to admired them. Wow!

Now-a-days, when you buy bullion coins or bars of any sort you get very high quality for a very cheap price. When you think about the mark-up on silver or gold compared to other merchandise, you are getting a very small mark-up on that coin. 

From time to time, I get people complaining about the pathetically small mark-up on the spot price of bullion coins. They say, sometimes, that my bullion wholesaler is not as cheap as the next guy. So I do the math and we are talking less than a 0.5% difference here on the sell price. So I ask what is their shipping fees? Can you take physical delivery? If you can, what is their minimum order?  Almost always these people are paying more to other wholesalers, but to me it does not matter much as long as they get the silver or gold they are looking for. Even at retail, the prices on silver and gold bullion is cheap, cheap, cheap.

Here are a couple of examples. Let’s say that there is a 50% mark up on silver bullion coins at a 19 dollar spot price. The retail price would work out to only $28.50. For the most part, silver dealers buy silver at about $.50 a troy oz over spot for maples in very large orders. The question should be, “How do these dealers feed their family? The other day, I was at the Canadian post office. I noticed that they had a 1 oz silver bullion wedding bar in the display case. They were charging $44.99 for a one oz silver bar. The next time I went in, the post office were sold out of them!

Most things have at least a 100 % mark-up on them but not silver and gold coins. Just the other day, I went to buy a printer cord for a new printer because it did not come with one…? (I am still scratching my head on that one.) Anyway, so I ask for the price of the cord, a mere $29.99 was their best sell price! The whole printer cost me only $19.99! So I bought the printer and walked a crossed the street and paid, …get this, only $5.99 from a mom-and-pop computer store.

The mom-and pop-store probably had a 100 % mark-up on that cord, so let’s just say they paid $3 for it.  The $29.99 price-tag at the first store would have been a 1,000 % mark-up that they were going to charge me. So in prospective, I could buy a 2010 maple leaf silver coin,1 full oz of pure silver, mind you with a face value of  5 dollars Canadian, for the whole mark-up fee of that printer cord and I would still have change left over.

I do you think that small mark-up the dealers or coin shop owner puts on bullion coins and bars is a great sell price?


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Why the Canadian 1 Oz 2010 Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coins Great Sell Price
The new Canadian 2010 silver maple leaf bullion 1 oz coins have arrived in good shape as always. The  silver maple leaf coins are packed in a plastic tube (25 per tube) containers with yellow lids.

I always hope the yellow lid means there is yellow gold coins inside, but as usual, it’s just the good old solid silver, yet very new bullion coins.