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What a gift it would to see a Christmas gift that goes up in value over time. To keep things in line though, you need to remember that the spot price, as with all open free markets, can also dip down to a lower point. Up and down, she goes. The only difference is, if there are more ups than downs, or more downs than ups. Over the past few years, the silver market has had more of a trend upwards.

This seems to tell us, at this time, that silver has regained her mirror-like shine of the past. Yes, that is right. A thin coating of silver was used on the backs of mirrors to give them their reflective property. This is just one more characteristic of silver against which the other metals can’t compete. The reflective shine of silver reflects back light, almost at 100%.

Silver is, in my mind, the queen of all medals because she is rare, yet so purchase-able in today’s market for the common working man. It is hard to tell if silver can keep up at this fast rising pace here at the end of 2010 for the investor. But one thing we can say, is that silver is still rare and at some point, silver will not be that easy to excavate from the earth’s crust. Without an easier and more cost efficient way to feed the growing industry of electronics, the price will continue to rise over the coming years. There are many ways get a piece of this gem of all gems for yourself, as in the form of old coins, jewellery, pure bullion bars, and silverware. If you think about it, you are probably carrying a wee bit of it on you, in the form of a cell-phone, pager, or a ring on your finger. 

Here are three main reasons why we should own silver as it will more than likely be going up over the next 10 to 15 years. Of course, if there is a billion ounces of unfound silver discovered in the territory of the Yukon, like in the days of the gold rush of 1896, then this has little merit; yet that is not very possible. And even if it was, it will more than likely be on the costly-side to mine this silver out of the ground.

1. Silver is remarkable for its many uses in things such as mirrors, most electronics for instance cell-phone and ipods. This type of silver use is irreplaceable unless we can find a cheaper way of recycling it. The odds are not in favour of a cheaper way of recycling being found. But now much higher market spot price, makes recycling of this pretty metal more cost effective in a hurry.

2. Possessing silver bullion as a preferred asset cannot be argued. Raw assets can be past down to your kids, bought and sold, and will always have a price. Silver and gold, like good farm land for growing grain crops, has never lost all its value (unless it is destroyed in some manner). These types of raw asset reserves have the best chance of maintaining a rising value over the long haul. One should remember though, that these very nice assets just can’t spare you from death. To be spared from death, you will have to invest in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, for He has the keys of life and death. You will have to seek Him to buy this everlasting gold from Him. What is Christmas about anyways? It is about love, and I can tell you he has all the love you will need, when you find him.

3. There is only so much silver to go around, and not near enough to give every person on earth just a little. If there was enough, it would still be used in our modern day coinage. So give a bullion gift it to the one you love this Christmas, one day they may thank you again.

Silver Bullion One Ounce Coins a Great Christmas Gift Year 2011
Silver bullion is on the rise again after a lower dip to the $16-$17 dollar range, and is now going way up to the $26 US dollar range after taking a 2010 summer sabbatical. The price appears to be on its way to the $30 dollar range, arriving there around Christmas time.

This may be a good time to get your year 2011 Christmas shopping done. Get a unique gift this year as a silver bullion one ounce coins or raw bars to slip into those stockings before silver really picks up in price. 
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