" Having just a little Gold and Silver could go  a long ways in the days to come, because history will repeat it's self."

"I have not lost my Gold and Silver...but most of the world has lost even their marbles!"

Sorry I do not Buy or Sell at this time. But I can give you some advice in finding the right gold dealer, that is also right for you.

1. Trust -You will have to trust someone at some point so do some looking around and some price cheching. If all looks good then you can buy just a little at first and then the rest if it all works out. More dealers are good to work with for they look and wont your buisness and to
keep you buisness.

2. Gold Coins - It is Vary nice to have a gold coin in your hand.  If you are looking to buy gold or silver for the joy of just having some and not for investment resons then one should just get some at the price it is now for it will save you time and at least you will have some to enjoy. If it is for a investment then buy in the deeps.

Thankyou have a nice day!

Mr. Nakia Mast

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