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Disclaimer for www.goldsilveroz.com on financial, investing, invesment Risk Warning
Like always, I do not give you investment advice. That decision is for you and your finance adviser to talk over, because everyone’s money situation is different. Investments are risky and you have been fairly warned of the risk investing in gold and silver.

I write only to inform and maybe you can learn from some of my financial experiences.

I do not suggest that you buy or sell silver for gold as a growth investment. There is high risk in gold and silver and commodity trading, stocks, penny stocks, ect. The investing in gold or silver of the past does not mean it will repeat in the same way with profits or losses that were made or lost in the past.

The pages on this website www.goldsilveroz.com are read only articles for your enjoyment and is not financial advice in any way, shape or form due to the risk of high movements in all of the above.

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