"Gold 10 th ounce Maple Leaf coins from Canada in a good investment"

"A Gold coin in the hand is better than  money in the bank these days."

dallar gold coin
10 th ounce gold coin

What is the best form of gold for a good investment and to get a good return? In my mind, the investment in gold coins is a very good hobby for the most part. Coins cannot to be looked on to make big gains of return every year. But more so to have money in a form that is stable, collectable and desirable to almost every culture in the world. I count the very good gains of late as bonus money.

Coin collecting for the most part is maintenance free with the exception  of a safe place to store them, like a small safe. An ease way to keep your coins much safer is to not let everyone you know in the world that you have them in the first place. We can share the joy of collecting gold coins with people we trust. That is part of the fun, but we should be wise about it too.  The many types and sizes of gold coins make the collecting of them limitless. For the very rich, the big gold bullion 100 ounce bars draw them in. For the poorer rich man, gold 1/10th ounce coins would satisfy a collector’s craving for part of the investment action in gold collector coins.

As a kid living in Alberta, I collected old Canadian pennies and old dimes for the most part. What I really wanted though, was to invest my hard-earned, rock-picking money into a gold coin to put in my collection.

One day I went to a coin shop in the famous west Edmonton Mall with my money deep in my pocket to look for really nice gold coin. I first looked at the prices of the silver dollars and dimes that were in the display case for a bit and then popped the question to the coin shop dealer, “Sir, do you have gold coins for sale?” He said, “Come with me.” He lead me to another display case. There it was, a 1/10th ounce Canada maple leaf gold coin. “Wow,” I thought to myself, “That coin is so small. It is as small as a silver dime.” I thought that by the size of the coin it probably would cost me about 20 dollars. I asked to get a closer look at the coin, but the dealer would not take it out of the display case for me.

Maybe if  he would have, I would have bought it, but he would not let me get a closer look.

I guess he thought a boy or 12 of 13 would not have the 60 dollars cash for a coin like that. He was wrong. I had that 60 dollars I had earned from good old hard work.

I bought large Canadian pennies with that money instead from a coin shop mail order. Yes, that 1/10th ounce gold coin would have been a great gold investment for a kid. Years later, I was able to get my own gold coins and bars.

For many people a good investment is like CD’s, DVD’s and a big power sucking 72 inch plasma TV entertainment system with a thousand channels. These are not investments, but rather liabilities for two main reasons.

First, these almost always go down in value. And secondly, the cost of the up-keep in the form of power and cable bills always go up.  So things like this are always a lose, lose, and lose investment every time where a simple TV would have fit the bill just fine.
My First Gold Bullion Coin Investment for a Kid

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