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Gold Bullion Coins: American Gold Eagle, Buffalo, Canadian Maple Leaf
Gold was still gold, the last time I looked. If choosing between the eagle, buffalo, or maple leaf coins, I would go with the Canadian maple leaf one oz coin. My reasoning? The purity of the gold (.9999) is stamped right on the coin and I am a full-blooded Canadian, yet I do enjoy US silver and gold. This really does depend on one’s taste when it comes to the modern one oz bullion coins. If you go with a pre 1933 Buffalo gold coin, you will more then likely pay a bit more per ounce than say, a modern bullion buffalo because of the collector’s value of the older coins.
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The truth with all gold coins is that gold is still a rare metal of the earth. The purity has varied with a number of world gold coins over the years, but the maple leaf has stayed with a .999 purity from the first coins minted and has increased to the modern day purity of .99999. That stamp has the consistency from 1979 to the present on every maple leaf. This fact is just hard to beat, at least in my mind.

It is more prudent to own gold such as the beautiful buffalo coin or the eagle gold coins which you can hold in your hand, apposed to a paper gold contract.  Owning a coin of this calibre is a lot like buckling up your kids in their car seats, it is a bit of hassle but well-worth it, if there ever was an accident. Gold is similar in the event of a paper money breakdown.

In recent years, more people do want gold as an investment asset to hold their wealth. Many have invested in gold, and yet strangely, do not possess any gold such as the eagle coins. What they do have is a golden paper piñata promise, which is in the form of paper gold contracts. The owners of the contracts are led to believe that there is a gold ounce buffalo coin hidden in that paper piñata, painted all gold of course, for them. Yet, if this dear money system of our day all breaks apart, one is led to believe that the gold coins will just fall out of nowhere. That is just not the case. There is only something like, one single 1 oz eagle coin for every 50-100 investors. This means that only one person will get the eagle gold coin when the golden piñata breaks. The rest of the 99 very angry investors will go to slaughter by getting the same paper money which they put into this investment. I wonder what that money would be worth at that point? That’s a cold feeling, eh. This gold bullion and money system will indeed one day break. History tells us that it will break when the gold and money systems get hidden in a piñata. By the time we see this piñata, it is already too late and it’s empty. There is a way out, at this time, which is to have your gold bullion in your eyesight and in your hand, and not all in the piñata. That gold buffalo coin, you can be sure, is never in a paper piñata.

The truth of the paper piñata is, that the way it is set up at this time makes it is very convenient to buy and sell the same one oz of bullion to 100 different people who believe that they all own that same one oz of gold bullion. If you like this game for the convenience and because it is hassle-free, I can understand that. But to have the security…well that is a whole another game. This game of security also allows you to own a real gem in your hand such as the American gold eagle or buffalo coin and the Canadian maple leaf. 

"Gold coins I like are Eagles, Buffalo and the Canada  maple leafs beauties"
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