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Man has been going after the lustrous metal called gold for sometime, starting right back in the days of the Bible days with the Roman empire and the famous pharaohs of Egypt, itself. Finding gold today in your own backyard would seem like a tough task for even the best gold miner, but gold is laying right there if you know how to look for it!

The gold which I am talking about is the gold that has been already mined and is in the hands of thousands of people in the form of jewellery. I guess I will have to tell how to get that gold.
Disclaimer: An expert adviser is not me, by the way I do make money from most of my investments, yet not all.

I do not give financial advice to you or yours, just hopefully I can give a bit of wisdom and a decent read. This all means, if you lose money that is your game, not mine. This is a read article only and not financial advice.

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Getting this used gold already in jewellery, is not much different from gold mining, in that it will take money, time, and hard work. But who said the honest ways to make money from gold were free? After all, it is gold we are talking about here.

The easiest way to get this gold is just to ask for it, on the condition that you will pay for it. The thing is, you do not want to pay more for it than what you are going to get reimbursed on the resale of that scrap gold jewellery.

When it comes to the resale of goods (like gold), as with any good business model, you need to cover the cost of all the expenses. The cost will include gas for the car, the cost of renting a table at the mall, and the highest cost being that of the jewellery itself. If you are looking for junk gold as an investment, then you could just hold onto it until the price of gold goes up enough to make a profit. What I have heard of the world-wide gold supply, is that it’s dwindling at a pretty fast pace.  If you can’t get your price to at least cover your costs and give you a little profit in short order , then it would just not be worth your time, effort, and the heart you put into recycling gold. When people buy gold jewellery, sometimes they pay one hundred times the cost of the gold content itself that is in the item of purchase, whether that be a gold necklace, ring, or brooch. Bear this in mind, as you look for a deal.

The one thing to keep in mind with gold jewellery, is the plated gold jewellery. Some believe the 24k gold edging around a dinner plate or a drinking glass has enough scrap gold on it to make a small fortune. The truth is; there is gold there, but it is spread in a very thin layer electronically. This layer is hard to remove and will not account for much in a gold pan. If gold were to sky rocket to super price of at least $10,000 per ounce, then there may be some merit to this claim. This does not mean I believe there is no value in gold plated plates, I only suggest that you buy them only at a good price. I got a stack of antique gold plated plates so large with the gold rim, that I could barely carry them out the door.  The whole stack only cost me only one dollar and I figured that maybe I could resell each plate individually for one dollar as an antique. Or sell them to someone else finds a easy and cheap way to take the gold off. You just never know when you’ll find a gold mine of a deal.

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