And a few good gold prospecting tips can really help you have an  enjoyable and successful experience opposed to the feeling that you found the ancient remains of an outhouse left behind when the last gold ounce was taken out. 

The first gold prospecting tip is that while you may not find gold nuggets lying around on the surface of the ground and you might not become an millionaire overnight, there is enough gold left in the ground worth the time to dig it up. So the first tip is that, you should forget the idea that came in from the famous gold rush days, which was that gold was lying about and men got instantly rich. Truth be told, very few made it into the wealthy category, but many men were able to make a good living with simple hard work and a little know-how, that is as long as they were able to stay away from the gambling tables.

The next gold prospecting tip is that you don’t have to create a gold mining company to make digging for gold pay off. Consider this idea for a moment, purchase or invest in the Yukon real estate by staking a fairly simple gold claim. You may be surprised at how affordable Yukon real estate is yet today. Talk about making a good investment!  You can work a gold claim during the summer months or even during just a summer vacation. The gold mine can become part of the family wealth. But on the other hand, if you’re looking for a getaway for yourself and a few of your buddies, I can promise you’ll have quite an adventure. Although this will take more than a little planning, but if you plan well you can have a little profitable hobby for the years to come.

Talking to the local people, listening and hearing their stories and experiences is one of the most valuable gold prospecting tips there is. Nobody knows the country, the weather, or the terrain as well as the residents of the area. You will usually find a few of the old-timers more than willing to tell a few tales and spin a few yarns from the past, but don’t discard them as just idle talk. These stories often contain a few nuggets of the truth and wisdom that can help you know where you can find gold and the easiest method of recovering it.

Another one of the modern gold prospecting tips is to employ the usage of a metal detector. The sluice box and the miner’s gold pan are not the only way of finding the gold. With a simple wave of a metal detector over the miner’s pan, the gold flakes and dust are detected. This speeds up the process incredibly. Even the hobby gold miners are finding metal detectors indispensable.  In fact, I’m sure the prospectors of yesterday are drooling over our modern-day metal detectors. I can hear them moaning with envy, “If only someone had invented the metal detector in my day. Just think of all the backbreaking work, blisters, and sweat it would’ve saved me.” These metal detectors really do work if you put your time into them and will help you find where the gold veins run and can save you a whole lot of shovelling. Once you find where the gold runs, then you can set up your camp and the rest of your equipment.

While there are a lot of gold prospecting tips floating around, a little research will help you find the true solid nuggets of truth and practicality. Whether you’re looking to make a living out of gold mining or if you’re just looking for a profitable hobby, doing some research, asking the local Yukoners a few questions and running across a couple more prospecting tips can turn your expedition into a success. So if you've got gold fever, the only way to get better is to get out there and start digging out the gold! 

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" Having just a little Gold and Silver could go  a long ways in the days to come, because history will repeat it's self."

"I have not lost my Gold and Silver...but most of the world has lost even their marbles!"
By Pat Silver
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Here are a few gold prospecting tips that are worth taking the time to look into if you have the heated desire of gold fever.

Contrary to the common thinking of many, there still is plenty of gold to be dug out of the earth in such places as the wild Yukon province of Canada. 

Today there’s a younger generation of folks, who have become fascinated once again with the adventure of finding the raw gold dust and nuggets hiding between the layers of dirt, clay, and rock.
Gold Prospecting Tips To Help Gold Fever