Buying bullion online with paypal, you are going to pay more about 18% to 30% above the silver spot price because of the added cast and risk to the seller. You would be hard pressed to find a seller that accepts paypal at 10% above spot. PayPal has its advantages. Paypal allows you to buy with a credit card, its a quick payment method and they are insurance up to $2000. For that service and convenience there is a added cost factor.

Buying bullion on eBay, you can expect to pay even more, bringing the cost of that bullion up.

You could buy silver or gold it direct from the Royal Canadian Mint or US Mint. You only need to buy 10,000 ounces of gold to start and for most of us at today’s prices that’s only $10,000,000 plus a refiners fee of about $40 oz or so on gold coins. To most of us that’s  a little out of our price range.

Most of the big bullion mints sell to a handful of their dealers in Canada and abroad. The dealers then put their mark up on the bullion coins of about 5% to 10% above there cost, so you will be buying from one of these dealer suppliers.

Not all the bullion dealer suppliers sell at just above there cost but I do know a couple of places in Canada that do pretty close that, they give a wholesale price for no minimum amount you buy (could change this to  - with no minimum purchase). To get the best price like my source you will have to do bank transfer or wire transfer. That takes some faith on your part to believe they won’t grab you money and run. You have to have a trusted wholesale source you can trust will send the gold and silver in a business day or two of your payment. Avoid the suppliers that say they will ship in a month of two, that’s way too long unless you have a very large order.

This is how a bank transfer works: you place your order, call the dealer and lock in your price. The bullion dealer will send you a reciept by email. You will be given an account number and passwords. Now it’s your turn.  Print out the receipt and account numbers. Go to your bank and ask for a bank transfer to that number on the paper work for x amount of dollars. The bank will charge you a fee, between $10 to $25 (sometimes it’s free). Be aware if the price was quoted in US dollars the exchange rate will dictate the final price. If you have a Canadian bank account in Can dollars expect the bank to skim $0.02 off the exchange rate when changing into US dollars.

For example, if the Canadian dollar is at $0.95, the bank will give you $0.93 Can on the exchange rate.  Theft if you ask me, but life’s not fair. The money comes out of your account and into bullion dealer's bank account. You want a trusted source like the dealers I deal with; they should be bondable and insured. In this case, they are privately insured. You won’t get a tracking number which is a dead give away to a lurking thief to what is in the box. The less one knows what’s in a package the less chance it will be stolen. Shipping is also an added cost to consider.  Silver is heavy so the cost will be up on the shipping.  $30 is a normal cost.

They sell gold maple leaf bullion coins, gold eagles coins, gold bullion bars.   Silver bullion is bars, coins, and much more.  They ship and sell to Canadian and USA customers with privacy. They are the best in Canada for price and speed in shipping (to most places, a week to ten days is normal).

" Having just a little Gold and Silver could go  a long ways in the days to come, because history will repeat it's self."

"I have not lost my Gold and Silver...but most of the world has lost even their marbles!"

Bullion Wholesale
Silver 10 oz bar
How to buy gold and silver bullion coins or bars at a wholesalers price?

To keep this simple, a bullion dealers wholesale price will be between 10% to 15% US$ above the spot price for a silver bullion Canadian maple leaf 1 oz coin and US eagle coins.

Less known minted coins and bars will also get you a better price. If you buy the larger bars, like a 1000 once silver bar or a five once gold bar the closer your buy price will be to the spot price.
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For more information on my sources, my reasonable referral fee was $20 by paypal but too many people whined that I did not hold there hand and pick up the phone for them to make their deal, O well. Too many wasted my time for both of my honest wholesale bullion sources. I told them not expect more than that. I sent an email with the links and all just to hear them complain, I guess I should have charged a $100. I was in no way related to either of my wholesalers. This was too cheap of a price for that info, if you ask me. I would have paid that in a heart beat, after I almost got $2,000.00 stolen from me because the dealer I was dealing with would not ship. That $20 would have saved me hundreds of dollars and times of over paying for silver and gold bullion because of hidden fees they charged me, and the wait at the Canada US border, and the border fees, you name it... but you all will have to find them online yourself now, at your own risk, because I am tired of my time being wasted. Sorry, but that time was worth more than the $20.  Finally, I hope I did not put a damper on your gold buying. I still think you should go out, get at least get some of that beautiful gold and silver today wherever you can, for it can be a good investment.