" Having just a little Gold and Silver could go  a long ways in the days to come, because history will repeat it's self."

"Maybe buy gold or sell silver, but love the beauty of bullion"

Fine pure gold .9999. 1/10 Oz  Canadian gold maple leaf coin with $5 face value.This is a 2009 bullion coin minted at the royal Canadian mint.

Silver Bullion Tube
2010 Canada Silver Bullion Coin

Fine pure gold .9999. 1/20 Oz  Canadian gold maple leaf coin with $1 face value. This is a 2009 bullion coin minted at the royal Canadian mint.

Fine pure silver .999 1 Oz   U.S.A coins with $1 face value. This is a 2009  bullion coin. Liberty / Eagle coin minted at the US mint.

Fine .999 silver bullion JM bars 10 Oz. Minted at the Johnson Matthey Mint.
All purchases within Canada at this time that use bank wire transfers get shipping free.

  • GST tax is *Free* on all bullion (.999 pure bullion is not taxed by the goverment)

Contact for more info.

We sell only real physical bullion silver and gold maple leafs and bars. Not paper gold or silver and we do not sell fake copy gold and silver coins. This is the stuff you can hold in your hands, it's heavy, it's real gold and silver bullion.

We would like to begin by saying that we offer gold in 1/10 ounce with a five dollar face value, 1/20 oz one dollar face value Canadian maple leaf coins. The 1/10 oz gold bullion coin is slightly smaller than the size of Canadian dime. We also offer 1 Oz  Canadian silver maple leafs with a 5 dollar face value and US Eagles one dollar face.

We accept payment via pay pal for your security and convenience. However, will also accept cash at the door, money orders or bank to bank wire transfer with free shipping on all bank wires and cash (you need to contact me for more info).

At this time we ship within Canada. We ship bullion out next day. I live in Saskatchewan so shipping east or west will get to you in good time (if the post man runs fast.) It will get to you with in a week or two.

We will be back at selling hard when my new humor book is finished. Thank you before hand for your understanding.

Price Silver Maple leaf Bullion Coins On the Tube Combine 2 Tubs max per customer on shipping. For insurance reasons.

Call if you need more info.Fine pure silver .9999. 1 Oz  Canadian silver maple leaf coin with $5 face value. New 2009 bullion coins minted at the royal Canadian mint. Best price when you buy 25 or more. Paypal accepted!

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Sorry, We Are Out Of Stock on all gold and silver coins and bars at this time, we will restock at an undetermined later date.