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Nowadays there are several ways for buying into the troy oz gold commodity market as an investment besides the gold jewellery around my ring finger.

There is a lot of misunderstanding today from both sides of the spectrum, the gold oz bugs that love gold and the crushers that hate gold for some odd reason.First, there are the gold bugs that tend to be driven more by the fear of the ending of the investing world as we know it, instead of looking at gold as a good investment.
Disclaimer: An expert adviser is not me, by the way I do make money from most of my investments, yet not all.

I do not give financial advice to you or yours, just hopefully I can give a bit of wisdom and a decent read. This all means, if you lose money that is your game, not mine. This is a read article only and not financial advice.

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The more logical reason for owning this commodity is that it spreads out one’s wealth by putting it into another investments or money egg basket you could say. The fine gold oz has been a good holder and vary good grower of ones wealth in resent years. It has even been a better holder of wealth than US dollars that has been gradually moving down or the investment in a new cars, or a big TV’s that suck power bills higher for that matter. That is not an investor’s avenue for growth, that is the avenue of the cost of a being a couch potato, and keeping up to the neighbour next, if that is where your life savings are working for you. 

Onto investing money in the raw metal commodity market of gold oz itself, like the Canadian gold maple leaf coins that are called bullion coins. Gold ounce bullion can also be in the form of fine 1 oz bars, to small 1 gram bars, grains bars, all the way up to the mega big money boys that are in the federal reserve banks in larger stacks. Big bars ranging in different sizes are also held in the Royal Canadian Mint vault for the big time gold bug for your big money commodity market investment.

The questions that should be asked before buying any investment in the commodity’s market are like; When should one buy gold oz bullion, such as coins or bars? Is a real gold oz a better investment, or is gold commodity trading better, maybe small cap gold stocks are the best, like you may have heard it is said by expert advisors? The answers should be on what your risk tolerance is. In general the older you get the less risk you should take, because it is just harder to catch up if a big loss comes your way, than if you are younger. I do think that educating yourself first before one steps, is like looking before you walk on a mine field.

Why own a piece of the commodity market like gold oz coins or silver and that big bag of rice that the rats are eating? Well, because I bought more gold with the last of my money instead of buying the air tight storage container. Some probably buy and sell gold by the oz out of a little fear of the “end of the world” as we know it. The truth is that wars do happen, rough financial times come, boom times happen, famines, floods, earthquakes and more. It is what we do at those moments that make the most different for your life and others around you. And this is where even a little pre-planning can help the most. 

I am happy with my investments for the most part, I like the silver maple leaf coins, gold oz bars,  the livestock I own, and what little is left of the rice I bought. Sometimes it is how we see things moving forward that helps us make good decisions. And what we have learned can make us wiser investors for the years ahead.

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