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One way they can make a money system go headlong into a shipwreck (which is also the most common way), is to print money fast as grease lighting. But it does not quite work like that today. It is kind of like fixing an accounting sheet with new numbers to make it look real good with a wink, wink. This of course makes the CEO feel real good…for a time, but with an IOU stuck to it and more winks. This works so well though, that before too long a new IOU is stuck to the books. Soon the IOU’s make the books look like a fridge with a handful of kids in the house, you can’t get the fridge door open without papers flying everywhere. This is where the IOU’s get misplaced until they are out of the government office.

Altogether in the end, we end up with paper money coming to the end of the toilet paper rolls. The money comes back to the just weight of fine silver oz coins, gold coins when people lose faith in a government’s ability to bring balance to the money supply. When this happens, you ask for your pay at the end of the day and not at the end of the month, because the price of goods goes up so fast that government money is worth only a fraction of what it was worth the day before. As long as there is faith and the trust in money is not tampered with, things are fine.

Should everyone have some of the silver oz commodity on hand in case of a money emergency? The question is for you to answer for yourself, but I think having some is wise. More than few people in the world cannot afford to buy any silver at all, but most in the western world can buy a little if they wanted to. I have liked silver in recent years for it has gone up 400% since I first bought it. But that is not the only reason I buy silver, it is there if I need it someday, or maybe my kids, or even their kids will need it. This also does not mean that spot silver will go up 400% in the same timeframe either, it’s like I read in my Bible that other day that “time and chance happen to us all.”

Silver in my mind should be looked at smartly in two parts. The first reason, I stated above as an emergency kit money supply is not dumb but wise, just don’t let fear jump all over your back and make you do something dumb. If by chance you did do something dumb, the best you can do is learn from your mistakes like the pros do.

The second reason for buying fine silver oz coins or bars, is as an investment that hopefully will grow over time like stocks or land. But silver is a small market commodity player and tends to move fast in the markets both in the ups and the downs. In the case with silver, if there is a lot of large buying or selling of silver at one time, it can drive the price up and down without too much trouble. If you have an eye for that, you will tend to make more and loss more with silver oz, than gold because silver is a cheap compared to gold that means more people can afford it when fear and greed do there dance.

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Disclaimer: Like always, I do not give you investment advice. That decision is for you and your finance adviser to talk over, because everyone’s money situation is different. I write only so that maybe you can learn from some of my experiences. This is a read only article and is not financial advice do to the risk of investing.

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Fine Silver oz’s have been around in the ground of ages, since the world was first formed with these treasures in the earth by God him self. Then man when they first found it become a seeker after it.

Silver has been a small market commodity player and yet has been used as money, time after time over the years. It is kind of a middle ground when a government messes up the people’s money system one way or another.
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