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They may think that it looks ugly to them or just have not done there home work on the true value of sterling silver cutlery. It dose not even matter what a form a peace of silver is in, like bullion coins form, jewellery or silver spoons and forks, cutlery, tea sets and the like sterling silver is silver indeed no matter what form it takes. To buy silver in the form of sterling silverware is one of the easiest ways to obtain silver under value.
Back in the day, less than one hundred years ago, silverware cutlery such as a set of silver spoons, forks, or even a silver tea set was fairly common in many houses. Life, at the time, was simpler. Yet, it was a life that some would call truly rich. These people often worked very hard to make their wealth and fame. The rich of that time, often had big houses to live in, with many servants to care for the place. Silver spoons, forks, and knives were the standard setting for their tables. This silver cutlery was a symbol of one’s wealth and pride.

In many ways, this symbol of wealth is still true today. But as time has progressed, our perception of wealth has changed quite a bit. While some still consider silver apart of their wealth, more and more people are turning to the big house with a pool and big screen T.V. as their symbol of wealth. Now to me, this in not wealth at all, for it costs more to maintain these things than the true wealth it is supposed to symbolize. In my mind, wealth is better shown in the choices that one makes, than in the things one may own (or which the bank may own). And then there is wealth like family and friends, which of course, is of much greater value than money itself gold and sterling silver bullion its self.

When it comes to wealth that is of silver and gold, who could argue that it is not true wealth, even if it is ignored for a stint of time? Silver and gold are like the example of most  family and friends, in that its value is not just weighed in dollars and cents but what it hold means and the holds the true value that goes past price.  

Finding scrap silver in the form of cutlery for a good price is easer to come by, than trying to find a silver bullion maple leaf coin for below cost. This is because the maple leaf coin is easily recognized as the best in the silver business for it’s high silver content and for it’s trusted stand point of worth.  

Sterling Silverware Spoons, Forks, and Cutlery - Silver Symbol of Wealth
Imagine what a find it would be in finding over a thousand dollars of silver by weight for the price of less than 1% of the sterling silver spot price value at the flea market.

Wish it would occur more often, but the truth is that a deal like this is rare, indeed. Yet if you keep looking there are people out there in the market place that really do have there price set right on the sterling silver idem way under value in not caring what it is worth.
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