These cheap labourers toil as did the people of North America in the 1900’s. This is what I call cheap technology when it is put together with low wages and then shipped out westward. The usage of cheap labour is what also helps to keep things affordable.

2. Cheap oil and natural gas. When one really thinks about it, energy is still very cheap and makes everything in our life move very fast. This speed is not even close to what it was like in the early part of the 1900’s. Back then a fast horse was all the rage of the day, and it took what must have felt like a year to get to a town that was 100 miles away. The horse is a very nice animal (if you don’t get one that bucks and bites), yet the horse could only do so much. It could pull a wagon, plow a field, or one could just ride the horse with a saddle and a pair of spurs. A horse did require lots of upkeep such as feed, water, and new horse shoes from time to time, etc. Every so often, horses also had to have their hooves clipped so that they could keep the more durable steel horse shoes on their feet. As the Steel Horses came into the picture known as the trains, things changed quickly and everything went for the speed factor. Then the cars, planes, and 4x4 trucks came long which can go a thousand miles or (kilometres for the rest of the world) in a single day if one so pleases. So when you think of all the time saved (which we enjoy and take for granted), it is as good as money in the bank and it’s not a lame horse at all.

3. Cheap metals like silver, nickel, copper, steel, lead, gold, etc. Back in the 1900’s, the horse was not a rock-eating machine. The pick and the shovel kind of digging was and still is hard work… like I mean very hard work as in that you fall asleep in two seconds after falling into bed. Now today if you get a blister, it is probably from the video game controls and not from real work. Back in the day, a miner was one of the wealthiest people. Nowadays, the miners’ wages are more in the middle class range compared to other professions. So again metals are still cheap, if you put it into prospective. 

All rides are easy and fast going down a hill. But at the bottom, you have to walk back up the hill and that is where we are coming to in the next 50 years or so. The easy and cheap labour, minerals, and energies like oil and gas are coming to an end. So we have to start doing things differently if we want to see our comfortable lifestyles maintained and increased in the future. Here are a few ideas that are already well-known, yet not all that efficient in saving the world of its problems. They will have to get better ideas and the new ideas will need to be explored.

1. More recycling and better assembly of products that will make it easier to take things apart, to covert and reuse them.

2. Find ways to make cheaper and better use of the energies such as the wind, solar power, or a wind-up car!

3. Give tax breaks for recyclers to encourage good habits or maybe just send them a cheque in the mail if they meet city goals. This will get a lot of people going, and by all means, do not encourage tax hikes!
There is more to this and maybe you have some ideas of your own. Write the ideas down, they could change the world. 

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Technology: Has Been Affordable Labour Oil Metals Silver Gold
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Writer Author Pat Silver
It is my belief that technology has been very affordable over the years because of cheap silver, loss labour and relay cheap energy like Oil and natural gas.

So what is it, that makes making technology so cheap?

1.First there is the issue of labour. Places like India and China have lots of people, I hear, who know what it means to work for less than the western world.
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