Another way is go to the old gold mines where gold nuggets were found before in the past.  Use a medal detector to find the gold nuggets that maybe fell out of some rich prospector’s pocket or nuggets that have a lot of rock on them yet gold in the inside.  Maybe while gold prospecting some miner had a hand full of nuggets but got a little carried away celebrating with his bottle of moonshine.  And awoke in the morning to find that he can’t remember if he hid his new find or if he just plain lost it.  That would be a nice find for you because of someone’s moment of poor judgment.

Time for a Yukon prospecting story.  Here is a little fact on the prospecting  the Yukon, it holds one of the largest gold finds in history.  David R. a friend of mine, told me this story.  David and his dad prospected in the Yukon for gold, other metals and gem stones in the early 1980’s.  The last I heard, he still had a claim in the Yukon.  With little contact with people for weeks or months at a time, when prospectors do find someone to talk to, it does not take too long before the gold stories come out.  The story began some years before David set foot in the Yukon.

David ran into a fellow that said he was in town one day when a grizzly old prospector came walking down the street with a milk jar full of nice sized gold nuggets in hand.  The fellow asked the old prospector where he had been prospecting.  With a sly grin on his face the grizzly of a man said,  “I’ll never tell you or any- body.  That secret will be with me to the grave…but I will tell you that there are more full buckets of milk from that cow.  One of these times, I will be back with them all and retire, soon, very soon.”  Soon never came for the old prospector.  For like many in the Yukon, they head out in the spring for the gold field, yet in the fall the old prospector never came back.  David told me that the story is very possible, for their claim was not too far from where the old prospector was believed to of had his claim.

So the questions are….. Was that milk bottle full of nice nuggets the only one?  If so, where was the jar of gold dust and smaller nuggets that are also found alongside the big nuggets?  If there was gold, it would be pretty easy to just go and find the record of the claim.  And then find the cabin where the prospector home  was, unless he lived in a tent like David did for some time.  That still blows my mind, living in a tent in the winter time -60 F brrr!  I guess there is a way to keep it warm enough to keep from being turned into a block of ice.  You could use the metal detector and check out the cabin.  Maybe the jars of gold are under the floor boards or could they be, behind that old tree?  The metal detector will tell you soon enough.

If that all fails, you can always go down to the stream and pan some gold nuggets yourself like he once did. Just maybe you will come up with a sly grin on your face…and a pan full of gold.

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" Having just a little Gold and Silver could go  a long ways in the days to come, because history will repeat it's self."
"I have not lost my Gold and Silver...but most of the world has lost even their marbles!"

Chocolate coins
1 Gold 10th oz coin
Today we have a device called a metal detector that old time prospectors did not have. 

Using a metal detector to your advantage can make a big difference and finding some big nuggets is a lot more likely. 

Here is the thing, you can pick up  nuggets gold prospecting dry or shallow water river beds. New gold washed out of the quarts rock each year.

Finding Gold Prospecting using a Metal Detector for Big Nuggets