"Gold is King of metals and Silver is the Queen."

"Scrap gold and silver Is like money n the bank."

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Just keep in mind it can cost more to get the metal out than what you will sell it for. It would not be worth your time such as a cell phone.The key to using old computers for scrap is you need a lot of them unless you find someone that buys smaller amounts. The more you have the better the price will be. Even some dental apparatus contains gold and silver. Typically, to sell scrap silver it is sold in bulk or piece-by-piece to the recyclers buyer. After they verify the type of metal, its weight, and content in karats for gold and content in sterling for silver, you get paid.

Have your scrap gold appraised or weighed and then test it yourself. You can decide whether it’s better to sell it as antiques, or whether it is a good candidate to send to a scrap gold and silver recycler.You can sell scrap gold and junk silver into easy money. Many people get confused about the junk gold and scrap silver recycling process. There are certain things you should expect when selling gold and scrap silver so that you do not run into big surprises.

The spot price of gold is not the same price you will receive for scrap and junk. It is like silver or gold coins, people think they can find them for the spot price but that is not very likely at all. You will pay a premium over spot because there is cost in the minting of them. Likewise there are several reasons you should not expect to get paid the full spot price when you sell your recycled junk gold and scrap silver.
A recycler must inspect your gold and silver to certify it. The fuel to refine the metal is one of the biggest costs. This costs the buyer recycler money, sometimes 10% and up. The scrap gold and junk silver recyclers need to make sure they can stay in business and turn a profit. But you should try to locate the best deal you can.

Depending on who the buyer is with, you can expect to receive at least 20% less than the spot price. If you get better than that, grab it. For the most part, the dealer takes all the risk when buying scrap.

Although not common, over a few days the spot price of gold or silver can drop by 5% or more. Because of this, scrap gold and junk silver recyclers and dealers have to factor in some risk when paying you, so it is almost impossible to pay you the current spot price.

Consider what could happen if a recycler buys a large amount of gold just before a 5% loss in value and it’s not hard to understand why they must pay less than the spot price.

Scrap gold and silver dealers work on a graduated pay-scale, so the more you have of one type of metal, the more you will get per gram or ounce. Try to sell your scrap gold and silver in bulk in order to maximize your payout.

Even though you will not necessarily get the spot price for your scrap gold and junk silver, buyers do try to give very competitive prices. After all, it isn’t in the dealers best interest to be the buyer with the lowest prices.

Hunting for and then selling scrap silver and gold can be a lucrative hobby. I grabbed a hand full of ugly old sterling silver spoons at my hometown Salvation Army Store for 8 dollars. It weighed out to over ten ounces. Do the math and I made over ten times my money in silver content. Believe it or not, scrap gold and junk silver are everywhere. Junk gold and silver can be found inside computers and other electronic products such as cell phones.

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